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The goal of ecommerce Usability is to fulfill the customer’s purchasing needs as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Usability helps to make the site experience seamless for the consumer, which increases sales. Usability powers good user interface design through a user-centered design approach that analyzes the entire ecommerce transaction from the customer’s perspective. Website usability underlies the entire user interface design and user experience. An optimized ecommerce site is “usable” if it is intuitive, functional, consistent, and easy for target users to accomplish their purchasing goals with minimal effort. An “unusable” site is hard to navigate, poorly arranged, unreliable, and fosters confusion, frustration and abandonment.

Usability should help make the site disappear by minimizing consumer awareness of the site itself and maximizing consumer interaction with the site’s products, brand and content. It’s the difference between driving a 70’s Chevy and a BMW on a rainy day.

Website usability is an umbrella term that includes the following:

Usability Research & Optimization Usability optimization typically beings with competitive research audit of the usability features of your competitors’ sites. Optimal site usability typically includes the following: consistent site navigation, intuitive site architecture, a functioning site search, an exposed sitemap, and adherence to increasingly standard conventions for user login, hyperlinks, shopping carts, calls to action and SEO.

Usability Engineering Usability also encompasses ensuring sites are able to be ‘read’ by those with visual impairments or on different viewing devices. Good usability requires that sites load quickly and promotes SEO-content optimization to ensure that all products can be found by both internal and external site search.

Usability Testing & User Concept Testing Web usability promotes on an innovative approach to user interface design that engages the target customer from the beginning of the design process through user testing. Very early on in the concept and strategy phase, different site concepts can be tested amongst even a small target audience to gauge preferences and impact. The site’s navigation and taxonomy can be tested through user card sorts and other means to determine the optimal site structure and language. When this step is conducted before the site is developed, it can significantly reduce build costs. Users’ engagement with an existing website or new site prototypes can also be observed to ensure that consumers are fully understanding the site and doing exactly what you want them to do, particularly on critical transaction pages.

User Acceptance Testing Once an ecommerce site is ready for launch, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) reviews the site to ensure it was built as specified from a user experience perspective and that the site will fulfill target business objectives.

User Interface Design, Optimization & Testing Website usability is delivered through the user interface design. Once the flow of the site is planned out, each page must be carefully considered in terms of optimal user experience. The site can be tested for user engagement and its design continually enhanced in response. Embedded page-level metrics can also help troubleshoot ‘underperforming’ pages to optimize conversion even further.

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