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best ecommerce websites in delhiInternet has connected different persons of different countries of the world with its web services. With international commerce different countries can be bought together at one point. Anybody can sell and purchase goods at any part of the world and also facilitate easy payments. As per the Internet retailer survey around 80% of the retailers are engaged in selling goods to customers aboard. The business is crossing the regional boundaries and going global.

Going global is not an easy task because of various milestones one has to conquer like difference in tastes, habits, customs , languages , government policies etc. Other worries like fraud of international credit card, handle international charge backs make the tasks more complicated.

Getting Your Site Ready for International Ecommerce
As a first step, we sometimes suggest that our customers get their sites ready to sell to other English-speaking countries, including the UK, Canada, and Australia. To ensure foreign shoppers enjoy a seamless, convenient shopping experience, we recommend adding a currency converter to the site, and showing not only the item price but also the fully landed cost of delivery including shipping and handling in the local currency. We also help you select and add local payment options to your site, and find the best shipping and delivery solution for your business.

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Overcoming Language Barriers

Once you are ready to step up your international ecommerce venture, we suggest launching foreign language sites. Speaking to consumers in their own language is proven to support international branding goals and significantly increase conversions. A simple translation of existing web content will rarely do. Instead, your site must adapt to the local culture and cater to the needs of each country’s shoppers. Similarly, you will need to optimize your international search engine marketing campaigns for each target country.

At Pointer Soft Technologeis Pvt. Ltd., we work with a pool of qualified partners to offer high-end website translation and localization services, as well as localized SEO and PPC campaigns.

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