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Once your ecommerce portal is ready with the products in   pipeline waiting to be  sold , one need to promote the ecommerce site so that more and more visitors get attracted to the site and conversion rate is increased. This is a challenging task and it requires utmost knowledge and experience on the part of e commerce site developer.
Pointer Soft technologies, with  years  of experience in ecommerce development are ranked as best ecommerce developers in Delhi. Our proficient team of experts will develop and promote your ecommerce site in such a way the visitors will get attracted to your site and you will get fruitful results. Client can himself promote his web site by adding his web site address in all his correspondence like brochures, letterheads, business cards etc, putting web site address in any media advertisements like Magazines, Newspaper and other social media, promotion by a word of mouth is powerful so one can always tell his friends or customers about his site.

But this traditional brick and motor method will do not give a magical result that one expects from ecommerce site. For that one needs to study the search engines optimization, keyword density, landing page optimisation etc for successful promotion of ecommerce website. re Here comes the need of experts who can promote your ecommerce site in a positive and profitable manner. Professionals at Pointer soft technologies are capable of promoting your site for bulk response from visitors.

We use ekmpowershop software for efficient promotion of ecommerce web site. We follow the following online methods.

  • Applying Search Engine optimisation for your ecommerce website.This technique will make it easier for search engines like Google, Yahoo to find your web site . This can be done by sprinkling relevant keywords in our web site in such a way it attracts search engines. Our professionals use their technical skills in finding out the right type of key word density, level of competition for keywords, qualitative and to the point content, provide base line ranking for your site on targeted key words and they will place the keywords in such a way that it will be attracting factor for all search engines.
  • We add  your web site  to Google places and other directories: For this we use Robots, a software that surfs the internet throughout the day following the links much similar to browsing the web site.  This  technique  is called trawling. Our experts trawl your web site in such a manner that its eye catchy contents and keywords will design your site in such a manner that it gains highest popularity in relation to site rankings is concerned.
  • Pay per click advertising: Pay per click is the technique is where you pay for the results  and attract targeted customers for your products. It is Self Service product adopted by many large search engines like Google ,Yahoo and sold directly or indirectly through many traffic web sites. It is most easier way, just select the key word you want to bid and place corresponding advertisement. Once you advertisement is approved the search engine or the web site will display your advertisement and you will be charged when someone clicks it. At Pointer Soft technologies we develop apt landing page which will help you in building your email database with new customers and you get the best deal through pay per click. In simple words the expenses that you  made by you several months ago will now capitalize and bring back new or same customers again and again. This combination of email marketing and search engine marketing will increase conversion rate and in turn your ROI.

Our experts will design the site in such a way that it will attract the targeted customers without wasting your bandwidth by attracting unwanted traffic to your site.

  • Make use of social media for recognition:  Social media web sites   like Face book, Twitter are the best platform for sharing ecommerce web site with others. Our experts help you out to create Face book page for your ecommerce   web site and do the promotion. This will create more and more followers of your site .  With Twitter we help you to Tweet about special offers, new information and sales of your web site.

We have dedicated Ecommerce development team who have required knowledge and expert in developing the customized e commerce web site that will not only increase your business but will help you in building good image as compared to your competitors.

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