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At Pointer Soft technologies, we have apt solutions to all your international business problems. Our  ecommerce web developers will design the site tailored to your international requirements. We have well advanced software that links your web site with UPS worldship, FedEx, and develop the packing slips to track the package to its final destination and come out with robust shipping calculator. Apart from this if you are finding difficulty in managing different countries taxes, government policies, taxes, shipping, customs we also provide you with the right partner for the task and design your site in such a way that  you get a smooth flow of international orders on your site  and complete satisfaction of your international client.

We work out this way .We make our clients ready for English speaking Countries like America, UK, Canada and Australia. For smooth flow of international business we add currency convertor to the site and showing the landed cost of delivery including shipping and handling in local currency along with price of the commodity. We also come out with best local payment options, shipping and delivery solutions for smooth international ecommerce of our client.

For overcoming the language  barriers, we launch foreign language sites. Conversing with the customers in their language helps a lot in international business and helps in getting more business. Also adapting to local culture and cater to the needs of your  foreign  customers helps in every way. Search Engine marketing campaign must be optimised as per different foreign countries.

At Pointer Soft technologies, we have expert professionals who come out with accurate solution for your international e  commerce .
Why Choose Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
-: With various methods and technology, we help you emerge and get promoted in E-Business World
-: We present you innovative and appealing web presence.
-: We are available 24X7 for our clients.
-: Grab full potential from E-Business World with our world-class services.
-: Assist you with flourishing online business promotion.
-: By using our services you expose your business to the online crowd.
-: Familiarize your-self with whole new experience of Global Visibility within your decided budget.
-: With state of the art facilities enhance your ROI.
-: Attract more customers with our Latest-Technology services remain ahead in your market.
-: Provide more visitors to your site by Gearing-up your business activities for smoother functioning.
Our Team

Pointe Soft has a team whose spirits are of touching the sky, experts who convert challenges into success stories, passion that alight ultimate workability and attitude that has never let us down. The management of Pointer Soft consists of extremely experienced and hard-core professionals with their predictable vision. We always recruit people that are extremely talented and can render their work in the best way out. We strongly believe in Client-satisfaction and timely delivery, and put cent percent in every project.


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