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Recent studies show: Shoppers who use site search convert two to three times as often as those who don’t. In contrast, visitors typically leave a site after just two minutes if they can’t find what they are looking for. In addition to increasing conversion rates, advanced site search engine technology is also proven to boost ticket size guiding customers to their desired destination and offering up a number of additional, relevant purchase choices along the way.

ecommerce web design delhiOffering Maximum Speed, Convenience and Relevance

In the age of Google, any site page can be a landing page. Users enter and exit websites based on links that were sent from friends, promoted on other websites, or ranked highest in a specific Google search -- and those pages may not be where you wanted or planned for them to enter. The result of the Google era of web browsing is that both SEO and a site's usability and navigation have become paramount in site optimization. Every dead-end page on your site increases abandonment and is a wasted opportunity for conversion, especially when product pages are missing global navigation, other product touts, or other compelling calls to action to keep visitors interested.

Support Instant Conversions

Reducing the number of steps between initial search and checkout has proven critical to increase conversions. At Pointer Soft, we therefore specialize in streamlining the search and purchase process. Examples include adding in the item price in the search results so prospects can quickly compare available options without having to click through to each product page, and featuring an “add to cart/buy now” button in the search result so customers who know what they want can quickly complete the purchase.

custom ecommerce website in delhiMerchandize More Effectively

Advanced site search can also support your business strategies and help you market more effectively. Typically search results are ranked according to item popularity. However, you may be more interested in ranking yours by price, date, brand, or any other criteria. At Pointer Soft, we put you in control and let you change the order of the displayed results, as needed. For example, if you run a sale on some of your products or want to advertise a special promotion, you can feature the pertinent items first in your search results.

Use Your Site Search to Improve Your Ebusiness : At Pointer Soft we will also help you to integrate your site search with your analytics tool of choice. This way, you can track and compare different metrics to identify areas of promise and of concern. Check your top search items to understand what products are doing well and what new items your customers are looking for. Analyze search items with poor results to assess possible shortcomings in your portfolio or your online language. Compare the conversion rate and average ticket size of site search users versus the rest of your online visitors. And use all the information you gleaned to continuously improve your online venture.
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